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Lawyers in criminal cases

Role of lawyers in criminal cases is expressed through operational activities such as:

- Collect evidence of the case in an objective, comprehensive and complete, not only to clarify the evidence is guilty, aggravating circumstances, extenuating circumstances for criminal responsibility to the accused, limiting  unfair and wrong trial and proceedings violations in the investigation process, facilitate the settlement of the case to be fast, timely and lawful.

- Lawyers involved in the prosecution stage, adjudication: Lawyers continue to collect, consolidate evidence, preparing plans for questioning, debating, defending clients in court hearings, to determine the objective truth of the case help the adjudication is fast, accurate, avoid false.

- Lawyers involved in the order and procedures for retrial, assessment director.

- Lawyers determined on the basis complaints, the proposed appeal under statutory proceedings.

Gia Hoang law firm have team of lawyer with rich experience in criminal cases. We are always ready to provide the best legal services to our customers.

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