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Service change of business registration of company


Economies are moving, and constantly changing, is a unit within that economy - Businesses should always refreshing change to fit the market, customer needs, with both victories business strategy. This means that the legal paperwork, including business license, the license conditions must thay.doi business.


As stipulated in the Enterprise Law, when there is a change of business registration contents is registered with the Department of Planning and Investment, will now have to carry out legal procedures to register new changes in Within 10 days of the decision to change as:

• Change office, place of business;
• Change member company shareholders, business owners;
• Transformation of business;
• Change of business;
• Changes in working capital, capital ratio;
• Changing legal representative;
• Additional branch offices ...
• Divide, split, merge, business suspension, dissolution, bankruptcy ...


1 The legal services are our advantages:

Hoang Gia law firm continues to provide business advice and lawfully, in accordance with each period of business development, service provision change permits fast, efficient and competitively priced.

• Legal advice on changing business company name, company name selected in accordance with business objectives, orientation, scale and organization of business activities.
• Consulting changed its headquarters address, trading address, address of company tax registration.
• Consulting business line changes include amendments and supplements, draw lines, coding careers, career options consistent with business development goals.
• Consult the charter capital changes including time limits and procedures to contribute capital, form of capital contribution (by assets, cash, trademarks, intellectual property rights ... ..), to increase charter capital reduction charter capital, changes in capital structure, issuing stocks and bonds, purchase of treasury shares and the other binding conditions of members / shareholders' capital contributions.
• Advice to change the legal representative of the business and the position of the legal representative of the enterprise; advice on conditions become legal representatives, consultants cases limited / banned for the behavior and activities of the legal representative.
• Consult membership changes, the company's shareholders in the case of Membership / new shareholders, transfer of shares, share capital not handle full contribution of members / shareholders, the capital of handling Shareholders cases were declared dead / missing .......
• Consult the appointment, change member Board of Directors, Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, the representative of the shareholder capital, other management positions in business.
• Advice to change the personal information of members, the company's shareholders.
• Advice to change the registration information of the business tax.
• Assist other law related content change.
• Advice additional branches, representative offices ...
• Consulting arrangements and corporate reorganization;
• Consulting division, separation, merger, business suspension, dissolution, bankruptcy ...
Hoang Gia law firm's clients receive authorization to conduct the following tasks:
After signing the contract legal services to clients, our lawyers will perform the following tasks:

• Prepare documents:

+ Listen to the customer's requirements;

+ Consulting and unified alternative plan subscription content business customers;

+ Information gathering, compiling records in accordance with law and the requirements of customers;

+ Send profile client in writing research; consultant, explains content customer records when requested;

+ Meet customers and guide customers to sign documents;

+ Get complete records and other documents before they are submitted to the Department of Planning and Investment;

• Representing clients submit, check case status change of business registration at the Business Registration Office.
• On behalf of the client receives the results of the business registration certificate, business registration amendment.
• Conduct registration procedure and seal legal guidance Customers sign legal adoption certificate registration and sign legal form at the police office (in case of change of business registration content, sign business sign attached to the legal changes the sign).
3 Royal Family Lawyers advise after changing the business of registration:
A note to current customers as business management is performed synchronously in the management bodies through the national information system. So, the notification procedures and submit the necessary paperwork with the agency management is required. Imperial Family Law Lawyer will guide customers free procedures for customers after changing business registration.

• Consultation procedures in the tax authorities, customs, police and other relevant agencies;
• Advice on changing papers, records, invoices, certificates of capital contributions in business, social insurance;
• Consult the decision, a written agreement the enterprise;
• Consult other matters as requested by customers ...

Lawyer receives all requests for advisory clients after changing the registration of business in many ways: in person, email, phone, skypy to have timely advice and effective and to avoid inconvenience to the customer goods.

Hoang Gia law firm law firm is always pleased to be selected customers provide legal services.


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