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Establish branches, representative offices

Branch: A unit of the business depends, is responsible for performing all or part of the business functions including functions authorized representative. The lines of business of the branch must conform to the lines of business of the enterprise. Branch has the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the economic branches, the branch stamp.
Representative offices: Being a dependent of the business, is responsible for authorizing representative of enterprises interests and the protection of such interests. The contents of operations of a representative office must match the content of the business activity (representative office does not perform business operations).
To establish branches, representative offices, enterprises must carry out the procedures for applying for a certificate of business registration of branches and representative offices in the Business Registration Office - Department of the provincial investment plans, city where the enterprise's branch offices, representative offices. To conduct enterprises smoothly and save time in setting up branches, representative offices, Gia Hoang law firm please complete guide sequences and procedures established branches and representative offices of are as follows:
1. The order of activities from games to establish branches, representative offices:
- Receiving information service requirements of customers;
- Send a letter consultant directly or via email;
- Consult directly at corporate headquarters or at suitable locations required by customers;
- Compile records established under customer requirements;
- Send customer profile research on text; consultant, explains content customer records when requested;
- Meet customer and guide customers to sign documents;
- Get complete records and other documents before they are submitted to the Department of Planning and Investment;
- BA staff conducted in accordance with procedures specified in the contract the two sides signed;
2. How this is done:
- Conduct a registration filing to establish branches;
- Watch the notification process and the results submitted documents;
- Receive a certificate of registration of branches and representative offices at the Department of Planning and Investment;
- Undertake filing and registration seal seal contact to the branch, representative office in police agencies authorized;
- Certificate and Mark Seal registration branch, representative office (the head of the branch, representative office presence with our staff to sign up to receive);
3. composition, the number of records:
a. Ingredient Profile:
- Meeting Minutes of the Council members (limited liability company for 2 or more members), the Board of Directors (for joint-stock company), the owner or council member (for Company Limited 1 member), a member of the partnership (for partnership Company) on the establishment of branches and representative offices;
- Decision on the establishment of branches and representative offices;
- Request for registration of branches and representative offices;
- Power of attorney;
- A copy of the certificate of enterprises registration;
- Other papers related;
b. Number of records: 01 (feet)
4 . Get and return the results:
Customers choosing Hoang Gia law firm providing legal services to establish branches, representative offices will receive full service establishment including:
- Certificate of registration of branches and representative offices;
- Certificate of registration of marks and seals form of branches, representative offices;
5. Cost of package services established branch offices of our representatives:
With its commitment to pay the cost of customers always receive the best legal services, law firm Hoang Gia increasingly better for service providers to establish branches, representative offices and lawfully package, fast, efficient and always get the satisfaction of customers.
Hoang Gia law firm proudly provides legal services to start a business of our customers.

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