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Consulting enterprise sale and purchase

Purchase and sale (acquisition) and mergers (merger) corporate (M & A) is an essential part of any healthy economy and what is an effective tool for corporate restructuring. More importantly, it is the main way for enterprises to restructure, expand and grow the business, improve their competitiveness and provide income for owners and investors . M & A principle is to create value for shareholders and greater cover the total present value of the two businesses as two separate corporate existence.


• Consulting business valuation

+ Gather information and evaluate appropriate alternatives.

+ Application of the method of business valuation and price proposals.

• Construction Consulting offers of

+ Check the legal status of the business.

+ Consulting adjustments necessary legal procedures and the current state of business in accordance with the current regulations.

+ Develop a greeting (the announcement) based on material collected & supply business.

• Consult buy-sell strategy, mergers

+ Option form (purchase / sale, merger).

+ Search and selection of partners to carry out transactions.

+ Advice on how prices and deals.

• Construction Consulting, negotiate contracts and monitor contract performance

+ Consulting and negotiating construction contracts in accordance with the criteria of both parties.

+ Monitoring the implementation of the sales contract between the customer and strategic investors.

+ Advice on M & A activity after (post - M & A) organization, restructuring, strategic activities, business ...)

• Advising and drafting purchase records, business merger. Procedures conducted sale or merger in state agencies having jurisdiction.
• The merger Consulting Enterprise:

+ Consultation procedures Shareholders' Meeting / Council members of each company to adopt merger content;

+ Advisory merger agreement and approve the merger of the content;

+ Consulting procedures and conditions for the merger;

+ Advisory employer plans;

+ Consulting deadlines, procedures and conditions for asset conversion, convert capital contribution, shares and bonds of the merged company into equity, shares and bonds of the merging companies;

+ Consultation deadline for effecting the merger;

+ Construction Consulting Charter of the merged company.

• Conduct the merger procedures under the authorized representative:

+ Conduct drafted merger complete profile.

+ Carry out the procedure in the merged state agency having jurisdiction.

• Consulting firms after the merger:

+ Consulting drafting legal documents for business in accordance with the merger of the content.

+ Provide legal documents involved.

Attorneys receive counseling requirements of customers across multiple modes: direct, email, phone, skypy to have timely advice, efficiency and avoid inconvenience to customers.

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