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Hoang Gia law firm like to send Customers!

        With the goal of carrying legal knowledge associated with enterprises and individuals in Vietnam to protect and maximize the benefits for investors domestic and international, providing legal services to the public trusted population, lawyers and our staff constantly strives to provide the legal service reputation, efficiency and professionalism to customers.
        Hoang Gia law firm is proud to have experienced more than 10 years legal advice. Thousands of enterprises are providing services. Hundreds of brands are shining in the domestic market and internationally, and many of the disputes in the field of trade, land, inheritance, criminal, marriage and family ... All participation our.
        Today, together with the interference of the world economy, the innovation of the Vietnamese State in economic development policy - social and legal investment opportunities of economic organizations extended, multi-dimensional relationships interwoven, complex place more and more. The company's Lawyers always cultivate knowledge, keep abreast with business activities of enterprises, the demand of the people to bring the best legal services.
        The lawyers and consultants equipped with a solid knowledge of the law and spent many years of practical experience, in addition to in-depth knowledge in their respective fields also have extensive knowledge in the areas of other measures of customer service to satisfy the requirements in a comprehensive and highly practical applications high.
  • Corporate Consulting:
+ Foreign Investment
+ Establish the type of business: limited liability companies, joint stock companies, partnerships, private enterprises, cooperatives, individual business households ...
+ Business Registration Change: Changing your business name, headquarters, members of the company, capital stock offering, business representatives ...
+ Transformation of equitization, mergers, restructuring, acquisitions;
+ Establish, change operations branch, representative offices of domestic and international;
+ Consulting bankrupt enterprises;
+ Consulting and implementation services business licensing conditions: food safety, distribution of cosmetics, quality registration, barcode, fire protection ...
+ Management consultancy enterprises venture: Operation Regulation of the Board of Directors, Board of Directors, departments, labor rules ...
  • Lawyers, Representative:
+ Lawyers enterprises: Providing legal services frequently or under contract to the enterprises case basis.
+ Private Lawyers: Lawyers in solving criminal litigation, commercial, land, probate, inheritance, marriage and family, custody of their children, alimony ... in State management agencies and the Court granted.
+ Customer Representative: Lawyers authorized representatives resolve customer disputes in courts.
  • Consultant contracts and licensing.
+ Advice and drafting of contracts: commercial, civil, investment, capital contribution, transfer projects ...
+ Rep negotiations: Bachelor lawyer to negotiate the sales contract, deposit, lease, rent, capital contributions, ...
+ Monitor contract performance: For the parties comply strictly and fully committed in contracts, lawyers create a bridge to help the process of implementation of the contract is performed in accordance with law, to avoid unnecessary risks there.
+ Join contract dispute resolution: To the legitimate rights and interests of the customer is assured, consulting towards effective dispute resolution and accuracy, lowest cost when disputes occur.
+ Customer representative applying for license business conditions, and other licenses.
  • Legal advice on tax and Finance
+ Corporate Tax Declaration
+ Personal Tax Returns
+ Representing clients in resolving tax
  • Intellectual Property:
+ Sign up protected trademarks, logos.
+ Sign industrial design protection.
+ Registration of copyright protection.
+ Sign up protection of geographical indications.
+ Sign up patent protection.
+ Sign up protection utility solutions
+ Franchise industrial property (license).

We are honored that our customers choose law firm providing legal services.
Best Regards
Lawyers Phan Mai

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