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Conditions and procedures for disclosure of food

Food, food additives, food processing auxiliaries, food materials produced domestically and imported for trading and consumption in Vietnam.
Some imported foods need to be announced
Products related to food hygiene and safety (containers and packaging in direct contact with food and raw materials for the production of these products) and products for export purposes only. encourage publication.
Domestically produced products for export purposes, and announcement of product standards at the competent state agency at the request of the importing country.
Organizations and individuals must declare food
Organizations and individuals producing and trading in food have registered business in Vietnam.
A representative of a foreign company that imports food products into circulation on the Vietnamese market.
Food declaration procedure
Traders shall publicize their standards with the "standard product announcement" attached with the basic standard.
Traders who trade in bottled natural mineral water, cigarettes, special foods and traders importing food, raw materials, food additives and materials in direct contact with foodstuffs for public procedures Standardization at the Ministry of Health (Department of Food Safety and Hygiene). Normally manufactured products for export purposes may be published at the Ministry of Health (Food Safety and Hygiene) if requested by the importing country.
Food traders not listed above shall submit dossiers of standardization announcement at the Health Services of the provinces or cities where the production establishments are based in the localities or agencies authorized by the Health Services.
Traders shall renew the certificate number after 3 years from the date of signing the certificate of granting or extension.
With imported food
1. A notarized copy of the business registration certificate or license for the establishment of the foreign representative office;
2. the manufacturer's product specification or the test result card of the manufacturer or the independent testing agency of the country of origin;
A copy of the commercial contract (if any);
4. Labels of products;
5. Labeled samples.
Publication of food
- The standard product announcement (according to set form).
- The standard of the establishment issued by the trader (stamped) (according to set form).
- Certificate of product standard (according to set form).
- The product label or the draft content of the product labeling in accordance with the label law (stamped by the trader or signed with full name if the trader does not have a seal).
- The sample is labeled with the product.
- The test result card (including main quality criteria, quality indicators and hygiene norms of foodstuffs announced by the accredited testing laboratories) The natural water mineral water must have more votes on test results for water.
- The business registration certificate of the Vietnamese trader or the permit for the establishment of the representative office of the foreign manufacturing company (notarized copy).
- Certificate of food hygiene and safety at state authorities or (copy) (for products of 10 high risk food groups).
- A copy of the certificate of ownership of the trademark (if any).
For irradiated food, genetically modified food, new technology products or components containing raw materials with genetic source angle, irradiation in the publication dossier, there must be a copy of the safety certificate. biology, radiation safety and demonstration of production process.
- A copy of the receipt for the dossier evaluation fee and the certification number.
Special food
- Food is a nutritious product for infants: the Certificate of Free Sale or the Health Certificate of the competent authority of the country of origin. It has the content of certification product suitable with age or user.
- Nutritional medicine: add clinical research results on that function.
- Nutritional food through the inhalation tube: add clinical results of safety in the use of feeding through the inhalation tube and effective for the health of the designated object.
- Functional foods: Add clinical research results or evidence on specific effects and food safety.
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