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What should be prepared when starting a business?

Identify a business opportunity: Business Ideas of the business is determined by the capacity of entrepreneurs, through market research. Since then, the discovery of a product or service to market. 
Building a business plans: The plan should outline your business goals and short-term and long-term tasks for each individual should try to perform 
Identify sources of capital to start a business: Determine the amount of capital needed to start trading, capital that is formed from individual investment funds, capital contributions or loans. Accounting alternatives to venture capital are essential and which detailed planning before putting money into the investment business. 
Choose company name and business registration in registration offices: Business name registration is being protected trademark, prevent other individuals using the repository name registration. This procedure should help by experienced lawyers in the field of business. 
Choosing business structure: The decision to choose the kind of business will affect the formation of the structure and organization of the business such as a company owner, many owners; types Ltd., shares, partnership ... 
Set up a system for accounting and recordkeeping: During operation, now facing problems such as tax declarations, reports the agency's appraisal functions of Shareholders .. . Wherefore, accounting and recordkeeping must be done according to certain rules to ensure the legality and science. 
Choose a place of business of the enterprise: Business location is one of the determinants of business survival. Good market research is an advantage to be successful in trading, such as labor, space cost, demand for products or services using ... 
Choose partners to provide products, materials or services for the enterprise: survey of market supply products, services and offers the choice of partners is a priority that entrepreneurs need to do. The channel information is updated either through the introduction of the solution acquaintances will find quality and best prices. 
Hiring employees: Employees must be selected with the skills to match the goals of the business. Business owner can recruit directly or through recruitment channels and introduce labor. 
Set prices for products or services: Research, test the market to determine the price customers are willing to pay 
Advertising trading: The business owner build a marketing plan and make sure that your business name and product, your service is known in the market. 
Creating a plan month, week, day: Planning for daily activities, weekly, monthly to be prepared prior to the corporate office door is opened for the first day. 
Our lawyers are ready: 
  • Advice on the pros and cons of each type of enterprise, the current policy adjustment to trading customer segment. The issues related to tax, the method of raising and managing funds ... 
  • Representative clients conduct business establishment licensing and registration activities, use registration bill ... 
  • Founded counseling: Establish rules of operation, operational regulations of the Board of Directors, workshops, collective bargaining agreement ... Advice labor issues such as labor contract drafting, th law, layoff workers. 
  • Consulting other issues related to the organization, operation and dissolution of enterprise when customers request. 
Hoang Gia law firm is pleased to advise customers of business to start. 
Lawyer Phan Mai

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