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The role of attorney in enterprise labor

Our lawyers are always with enterprise process activities to improve the efficiency of the relationships employers and employees, increase labor productivity, help enterprise grow. 
Counseling forms of lawyer: 
1 Legal advice relating to labor law. 
2 Assignment of Counsel in charge of counseling, help enterprise solve unexpected situations in the form of phone, email, text. 
3 Consultant services related directly to labor at the headquarters of the customer. 
4 Drafting documents, contracts, documents relating to the establishment, implementation and termination of labor relations. 
5 Construction documents management and adjustment of labor relations: labor regulations, labor agreements, employee Regulation ... 
Hoang Gia law firm providing legal services follows: 
- Advising and drafting labor rules. 
- Advising and drafting collective bargaining agreement. 
- Advising and drafting labor contracts. 
- Consulting and resolve labor disputes. 
- Management consulting services and internal documents drafted in each specific case, such as probation, training, disciplined, fired, for the settlement of labor, ... 
Forms of service delivery: 
Customers choose the following forms: 
- Legal services per work package intended deployment. 
- Legal Services internal consulting regularly monthly fee. 
Hoang Gia law firm law firm is honored to be the company you choose provides legal services. 
Lawyer Phan Mai

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